Sleep Apnea Treatment Through A Breakthrough Oral Device

Sleep Apnea is a condition suffered by too many people and the solution is machine that most people can’t even tolerate.  In the past few years, the role of the dentist has become more important as medical solutions have been feeble.  People who suffer from OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, can testify that they have energy loss, often times lead to systemic diseases like high blood pressure and resultants thereof.  An oral device becomes more of the first line of defense as more and more people are finding that it works.

There are two basic classes of such device.  One advances the lower jaw thereby pulls the tongue forward, away from the airway.  The other class pushes the tongue in such a way to provide air flow during sleep.  Unfortunately most dentists don’t know much about the latter; however, it often times produce superior results.  Because the device which is called the EMA oral appliance is patented and went through the process for FDA approval, it’s not cheap.  Don’t be surprised to spend about $5000 for such a device.  It may be a small price to pay for giving your body the oxygen it needs during the night.  Ask me if you have any questions!

By: Paul M. Banks DDS

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