“The Bill Went From $260 to $130… I was shocked!” –Maritza R.

Posted on August 27, 2012

I was positively surprised to have saved money so easily. I went to my regular dentist as I usually do and when it was time to pay the bill, I reached into my wallet and asked, “do you take this discount” and they said yes.  This was actually my second saving.  The bill went from $260 to $130… I was shocked!  My first save was when I went to the orthodontist and saved 25% off of the entire bill for my son’s braces…  Thank you.

–Maritza R.

“I Was Surprised That I Could Save So Much At The Dentist!” –Susan M.

Posted on August 27, 2012

I was so surprised that I could save so much at the dentist! I recently had to have a lot of work done and the bill was something I could afford, thanks to DentalSave.
I didn’t even know there were other benefits! I will be sure to use them for my prescriptions and eye care. Thanks DentalSave, I recommend you to everyone I know.

–Susan M.

‘It’s Made Such a Difference In My Health, and In My Life.” –Margi F.

Posted on August 20, 2012

Loosing my dental insurance after taking early retirement from my company to start a business, I found myself at the mercy of several different “sham dental outfits” which were basically money making schemers rather than dental caregivers who were actually concerned about my long term dental health, rather than their own short term gain. It left me with a very bad feeling, and caused me to neglect my teeth for a number of years.  Meanwhile, as the economy worsened so did my business prospects, and I did indeed loose my business. This was devastating to me.

A dental emergency caused me to pay attention, and to realize that I needed/wanted to commit to a long term program of care to save my teeth. Problem? Limited funds and no insurance. So I got on the internet and did my homework, and of all the plans I came up with yours turned out to be the best fit for me. Even better, after a check of your network I found several dentists in my area, and after checking them out settled on one, Preferred Dental, that is only a few blocks from me. This is lucky for me, as I’ve been with them for a year and a half (my treatment requires multiple visits), and am VERY happy with the care I’ve received. And the 20% discount promised was applied to all eligible procedures promptly and without problem.

In sum, not only were my dealings with DentalSave courteous and professional, but I am receiving the same courteous and professional service from the dentist I choose from your network. Not only have I recommended your service to others, but my dentists as well.  It’s made such a difference in my health, and in my life.  Thank you!

–Margi F.

“DentalSave Is The Best Option For Anyone Who Does Not Have Dental Insurance”–Adrienne H

Posted on August 17, 2012

I moved to New York City in August 2008 with no job, family, or friends. I had exactly one month to find a job or I would run out of money. Luckily, I found a great job that was in my field of expertise; this job included a decent salary, 401K, and health benefits; the unlucky feature was that I was not offered a dental package. As time went on I kept telling myself I would get a plan, but life and denial took control and it ended up that 3 and half years passed. I decided to go to the dentist and pay out of pocket as a New Year’s resolution in January 2012.

I went to Dr. Marshall Dicker in New York City. I found that X-rays and a meeting with the dentist cost me a two week’s grocery bill. To make things more clear I’d like to state that I am a preschool teacher in a private school; if you do your research you will see that I do not make much and have to budget carefully, so this was a shocker! At this appointment I also found out that I had 9 cavities, needed a periodontal cleaning and potentially needed a root canal. Eeek! I called my mother crying and she said she would try to help.

I continued discussions with the Dr. Dicker staff; they told me about DentalSave. For my birthday this year, February 2012, my mother bought me one year with DentalSave and a Sonicare toothbrush. My sister said, “you know you are getting old when you get a dental plan and a high-power toothbrush for your birthday.” We laughed a lot about this; I am only 29 years old. The next time I went back to the dentist I had ½ of a periodontal cleaning and then had to meet with Dr. Dicker to have my “potential” root canal tooth excavated. Then, my worst nightmare….I NEEDED THE ROOT CANAL!! Call 911, call the police, call all the sugar I ate in the last 3 ½ years, call whoever because this was no good!

He started that evening; I have now been going to see Dr. Dicker and his staff every week on Thursday nights to finish my root canal (which is done and perfect by the way), finish my periodontal (clean and shinny gums), and now have a few more weeks to finish my fillings. How did DentalSave help; well as their name goes, they saved me almost 50% of all the work I needed. For example, my root canal with crown would have cost me $2350 without DentalSave and only cost me $1155 – that is more than a 50% discount. I have learned some valuable lessons during this process:

1. Go to the dentist and don’t put it off

2. Thank my mother everyday for everything, but especially for buying me DentalSave

3. DentalSave is the best option for anyone who does not have dental insurance! It literally saved my teeth and wallet!!

–Adrienne H

“I Was Surprised That It Saved So Much Money.” –Kathleen S.

Posted on August 17, 2012

I was surprised that it saved so much money.  I had a dental plan at work which came right out of my salary so didn’t pay much attention to the cost.  When I left work I was flabbergasted at how much it would cost to keep dental coverage.

My dentist told me about DentalSave.  I pay so much less per year and the amount for dental work is very close to what my other plan required me to pay for fillings etc. The overall savings are great!

–Kathleen S.

“With The Money We Save We Might Actually Be Able To Go On a Really Relaxing Vacation!” –Patrice C.

Posted on August 16, 2012

We are a family of seven. Five children ages 5 to 21 years and my husband and I. We were looking for an affordable dental plan because we have no dental insurance. The going rate in Queens New York for a dental cleaning is about $110. Multiply that by seven family members and then double it for every six months and it becomes a real financial burden.

I saw an add in the Daily News and I checked out DentalSave online. We signed up for the $199 family plan. We found a dentist right near us and couldn’t believe how easy it was to go to the dentist and get all of our preventative care. The discounted rate was excellent and the dentist, Dr. Ragusa and his hygienist Josie were great with all my children. They had a wonderful way with my  youngest children and made my older children feel very comfortable.

I went and had my teeth cleaned after chemotherapy and Josie the hygienist was considerate caring and gave me wonderful advice on how to care for my teeth due to my health challenges. I have told friends about this wonderful plan. In fact my 91 year old mother in law also signed up when I told her how affordable the dental plan was and what a great experience our family has had in using this plan! Who knows with the money we save we might actually be able to go on a really relaxing vacation!

–Patrice C.

“The Total Came To Something Like $2,300 When It Would Have Been $6,000 If I Didn’t Have DentalSave!” –Katie K.

Posted on August 16, 2012

I LOVE DentalSave! I am an actress living in New York City and after a lot of dental issues as a child and teen, as an adult living in New York City I didn’t know what to do or where to go to find a dentist. Without insurance, dental care is impossible to afford, and so I waited almost 3 years before giving in and deciding to find a dentist and pay without insurance.

I found a dentist on a great recommendation and his front desk assistant told me about DentalSave! Because I hadn’t been to the dentist in quite some time, I had A LOT of work to get done- 8 fillings and 2 crowns- and so DentalSave saved my life! The total came to something like $2,300 when it would have been at least $6,000 if I didn’t have DentalSave! I’ve been a member ever since and recommend it to all my actor friends who don’t have insurance either. DentalSave is the BEST!!

–Katie K.

“As a Result Of Our Membership with DentalSave, I Now Am Able To Continue Seeing My Dentist.” –Rachel P. MD

Posted on August 15, 2012

I love my dentist however when I lost my dental insurance, it seemed that all hopes of continuing my care were non-existent.  I have been seeing the same dentist since I was a child, by my parents in Long Island.  You can imagine my disappointment when I lost my insurance and was unable to continue with my dentist, the same dentist who had my records through the years (my life story, so to speak.) As a physician myself, I know the importance of continuing with the same health care professional who gets to know you, your health, and in many cases your family, through the years.

DentalSave to the rescue.  As a result of our membership with DentalSave, I now am able to continue seeing my dentist.  I already have plans to have my 2 year old daughter start seeing our dentist too.  Thanks DentalSave for continuing our family tradition.

–Rachel P. MD

“I’m Satisfied With The Services and Benefits” –Sue M.

Posted on August 15, 2012

I was in the market for a dentist, because after losing his job my husband and I lost our dental insurance and could not afford to go to the dentist we had gone to for years.  I was upset, but what can you do? Then I purchased a Groupon that brought me to Dr. Lin in New Hyde Park.  When I went to her office with my daughters we were pleasantly surprised at what a caring and wonderful staff she has. It was her staff that recommended we join DentalSave, because they participate with the plan.  Even though I work for a different Dentist, and could probably get a discount for my family, I am happy to pay for DentalSave and see Dr. Lin because I am so satisfied with the services and benefits of both the dentist and the DentalSave plan.  Thank you very much!

–Sue M.

“DentalSave Is The Best Viable Option Especially In This Economy.” –Matthew I.

Posted on August 14, 2012

I was in need of a crown and an extraction and had no dental coverage so DentalSave was a really good option for me. I saved a sizable amount of money for the oral surgeon and their is no way I would have been able to afford this out of pocket. DentalSave is the best viable option especially in this economy. You want to find the best dental service without overpaying. I highly recommend DentalSave.

–Matthew I.

“The Money I Have Saved Is a Plus” –Emilie P.

Posted on August 14, 2012

Since I have been using the DentalSave program I have gained in several ways:

Firstly, I want to thank DentalSave for helping me get over my fear of dentists. I had had a bad experience with a dentist and had not been to a dentist in a very, very long time. Due to an emergency last year I had no choice but to see a dentist and that is when I learned about DentalSave.  Because of the program I have now been able to get work done by the dentist I had been referred to and also to his hygenist. Because they are such wonderful individuals (am no longer petrifed of dentists), I regularly go for visits and feel so much better from all the work done. Never knew that gum problems could lead to other problems with your body — but thanks to my dentist I learned to take better care of my teeth and gums and no longer have stomach problems (bacteria that wouldnt go away)

Secondly, the money I have saved is a plus too.  Because otherwise I would have never gotten any work done, nor continue to go for my regular checkups.

Again, thank you so much DentalSave.

–Emilie P.

“I Virtually Tripled My Money With My First Use of DentalSave” –Bill C.

Posted on August 13, 2012

If someone approached me on the street and offered to triple my money with next to no effort on my part, I would figure he was either a scam artist or someone from Candid Camera. But I did virtually triple my money with my first use of the DentalSave program.

In 2010 I had a dental implant done by oral surgeon Dr. Peter Pruden in Huntington, New York. He did an excellent, pain free job and charged me $2100, which I considered to be well worth it for his expertise and care. Shortly after that visit, my general dentist, Steven Hinkis, also of Huntington, told me of the DentalSave program. When I examined it and realized the value it offered, I immediately signed up for it at the annual senior-rate of $145 for my wife and me.

Lo and behold, a few months later I needed another dental implant. Same oral surgeon. Same expertise and care. The only difference? The fee with DentalSave: $1680, a savings of $420 on an “investment” of $145. Nearly a triple! And that was only the beginning of the savings.

Since then my wife and I have used the program extensively for dental care with several of the dentists in the plan, and have even taken advantage of other savings it offers, such as with vision care and prescription discounts.

DentalSave is as close to a no-brainer “investment” as I’ve ever made. We wouldn’t be without it!

–Mary and Bill C.

“The Dental Rates Are Discounted Substantially. They Give Me A Cost Plan Before Any Work”–Laurie A.

Posted on August 13, 2012

I have inherited the worst teeth! From the time I can remember getting my first full-time job and taking care of my own bills, I have been in dental debt. I go to the dentist routinely for one thing and it always turns out to be something else. Now with two children, the cost of visiting the dentist has gotten so costly and our visits became further and further apart.  This only caused more and more dental work and more costly bills. It became a no win!

Then a friend told me about DentalSave. DentalSave is affordable and once I signed up the family they gave me a list of dentists in my area to choose from . I was skeptical at first because I have had dental insurance before and the dentists that are on the plan are not the most qualified.  With DentalSave, I found the most qualified fabulous dentist whom we all love! His staff is so friendly and accommodating.

This was not what I was expecting from a dental plan. The dental rates are discounted substantially; they give me a cost plan before any work. It is amazing. I save enough money that I actually can afford to go to the dentist and get the work done on my mouth and not put it off for months like I previously had to do!  I am so glad we found DentalSave! It is about time there is a great dental plan out there!  I highly recommend this plan to everyone.

– Laurie A.

“I Saved $1100, Had a Painless Procedure and Found a Fantastic New Dentist” –Janine D.

Posted on August 10, 2012

After a cavity filling I was told I needed a root canal. The dentist told me it would cost $1400 for the root canal and an additional $1200 for the crown. A friend told me about DentalSave. I joined and had the entire procedure completed for just under $1500. I saved $1100, had a painless procedure and found a fantastic new dentist, all thanks to DentalSave!! I am shocked at how incredibly easy they made the entire process!

–Janine D.

“Routine Dental Check-ups and Periodontics Are a Wonderful Savings From DentalSave”– Alice R.

Posted on August 10, 2012

Usual and routine dental check-ups and periodontics are a wonderful savings from DentalSave and that is basically why we belong to the program.  However last year, I stumbled upon the real value in the program, which is when I had a dental problem that kept unfolding into a nightmare of expense and dental work that was never ending.  I am the worst dental patient ever and at age 66 I have never been able to get over the thought of going to the dentist and paying for the one event I never could tolerate.  Let me tell you the year I had just after DentalSave enter my life:

1)  My tooth was sensitive so I went to the dentist and was told that the crown on the tooth cracked.  Dentist said that the crown must come off.  After it was off, dentist said that the tooth underneath was decayed, and probably should come out and an implant put in, as the tooth would not hold another crown.  I should see a specialist for a second opinion, which I did.


2)  The specialist said there was very little space for an implant and there was a wisdom tooth behind it, but he did not want to remove the wisdom tooth if not necessary because it was very close to the nerve.  I said OK, so only the decayed  tooth was removed first.


3)  A couple of weeks later I felt sensitivity on the tooth in front of the one that was extracted so I was sent to the endodontist and was told I needed a root canal on that tooth.


4)  When I finally healed, as the specialist thought, there was not enough room for the implant so I needed the wisdom tooth extracted on the next visit.


5)  When I finally healed the implant was inserted in the original space where the first tooth was extracted.


6)  Three months later I rejected the implant and it fell out (boo-hoo).

Although I was told that 6 months or so after the area healed I could try a second implant I decided that I will not try it again when it heals and just to have a space way back up top where my last tooth should be because it seems that the only GOOD thing about this ordeal is that DENTALSAVE was with me through the ordeal and was right there helping me out along the way paying, paying, paying its share of what the cost was for each procedure.  It all started with a little pain and ended up a big pain!!!  Thank you DentalSave for being the only good part of this story and the only painless part of this story and the only part of this story that I will repeat year after year after year!!

–Alice R.

“DentalSave Saved Us Hundreds Of Dollars” –Grant and Kathleen W.

Posted on August 9, 2012

My wife and I have been DentalSave plan subscribers for several years. Luckily we had not needed any major dental work in that time, just routine exams, X-rays, cleanings etc. Even with just that level of care we felt we still came out ahead on our membership cost vs. what we paid for those office visits.  However, this summer I needed a crown and an additional filling. DentalSave saved us hundreds of dollars, which will easily pay for our membership for several years to come. Thanks, DentalSave!

–Grant and Kathleen W.
Eastport, NY

“I Have Been Recommending Your Plan To Anyone I Know Without Dental Insurance” –John C.

Posted on August 9, 2012

I currently reside in Holmdel NJ, and have not had dental coverage since June 2010 (company I worked for filed for bankruptcy). I am still unemployed and recently needed to see a dentist for some problems but the expenses were just too high. A relative told me about DentalSave so I did some research about the insurance and dentists in my area that are members.

When I went to the dentist’s office to have my dental work evaluated, I was surprised at the cost and I asked the office manager about DentalSave. She showed me how I could save money if I was a member of your plan, so I immediately went home and signed my family up. The work has since been completed and I have been recommending your plan to anyone I know without dental insurance.

I am extremely happy I signed up and wished I had done it sooner had I known.


–John  C.

“Before DentalSave I Was Spending So Much Money On Dental Bills” –Darnell G.

Posted on August 8, 2012

Before DentalSave I was spending so much money on dental bills.  Every visit turned into another visit. No more than one procedure can be done at a time.  With DentalSave, I was able to use the extra money to pay for my son’s education and not take out another loan.  I was able to find a dentist close to home and the job. Even the medication was a savings. Complaints were easily handled. It was a pleasure to be part of DentalSave.

–Darnell G.

“I’m Able To Put The Money I Save To Good Use” –Sandy T.

Posted on August 8, 2012

I am so happy to be a part of DentalSave. It does save me a lot of money. I’m able to put the money I save to good use. I thank the day I found out about DentalSave, because I was not able to afford the insurance that was offered to me. I wouldn’t have been able to take care of my teeth if it wasn’t for DentalSave.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion

–Sandy T.

“DentalSave Definitely Made It Affordable For Me To Have My Teeth Checked” –Amalia C.

Posted on August 7, 2012

I am a working class citizen in an area where we are surrounded with multimillion dollar homes. Prices on clothing, food, medical, dental and housing is so high that the money you work for is just not enough. Most of the time you need have 2 or 3 jobs to be able to live here and pay your bills. DentalSave definitely made it affordable for me to have my teeth checked and do restorative work that I consider affordable for people like me that live in this area.  I have recommended it to a lot of my friends so they can enjoy the same treatment.

In the place where I work, we use a lot of drilling which impaired my hearing. I have inquired about the hearing device that I will need in the very near future. The doctor that I went to in your plan was very helpful and knowledgeable.  When I have enough money saved, I will definetly see him again and purchase what I need so I can hear better.

Thank you so much for having your program available to people like us

–Amalia C.

“The Dentist Was Great” –JoAnn M.

Posted on August 7, 2012

My husband forgot to bring the card with him the first time he visited our new (participating) dentist.  What was worse, he didn’t think to tell them that they could get the membership information from my file since I had already been there.  He goes and pays the full price for his visit which he was soundly berated for upon returning home.  However, we quickly called the dentist’s office and they promptly credited our account.

The amazing thing about all this is that the credit lasted us through my son’s first visit, and my husband’s NEXT visit.  I was kicking myself for not signing up a lot sooner with DentalSave!  I am also happy to say that the dentist is great and not just rushing us in and out.

–JoAnn M.

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“There Was No Waiting Period. Saved About 25% and Half Off My Denture.” –Kathleen M.

Posted on August 6, 2012

My husband works for a school district that offers dental care to the employee but not their wives.  So when I went to the dentist I was upset that I needed a new upper plate and implants for a bottom plate the price was over $8000.00. I was very upset until the receptionist told me about the (DentalSave) dental plan that was available for people. There was no waiting period and it saved me about 25% and half off my denture. This dental plan is wonderful.

–Kathleen M.

“Turned My Long Ordeal With Teeth Problems Into Something I Can Afford” –Andromeda H.

Posted on August 6, 2012

I love DentalSave, it has turned my long ordeal with teeth problems into something I can afford. You’ve saved me a lot on my root canals. I recommend  you to everyone. Thanks!

–Andromeda H.

“The Savings Was Noticeable” –Jim R.

Posted on August 3, 2012

My dentist offered me this program when you were North East Dental. I was still working and the savings was noticeable, since I didn’t have any dental coverage at work.

I have since retired and am not covered by Medicare or any other program, so DentalSave helps a lot with the savings… Thank you.

–Jim R.

“I Selected a Dentist Who Fit Our Needs Perfectly” –Irene M.

Posted on August 3, 2012

As life would have it, 40 years ago I went to Europe and basically never came back. Three years ago I returned to the US of A with an unwell husband who sadly, passed 8 months ago. We were both shocked at the medical costs here in the US as we had been spoiled with the national health care back in Italy.  As we waded our way through bureaucracy and copious research in an attempt to find a good deal, I started exploring dental care. A friend in San Francisco told me about a plan she had and suggested I look for something similar in this area, Annapolis, Md.  And, viola I hit upon DentalSave. I selected a dentist who fit our needs perfectly. He is a good and gentle dentist, especially with my husband who needed special attention. I am more than happy that I found DentalSave and have even started recommending it to the new friends I am making in my home back in America.

–Irene M.Edit

“Saved Over $600 On a Root Canal” –Syd S.

Posted on August 2, 2012

I had to the dentist for a root canal. I was told it would cost about $1400.00. I thought I would faint. I proceeded to tell the receptionist that I have the DentalSave plan. She looked it up and told me how much it would cost with the plan. I saved over $600.00 with the plan. My regular dentist also accepts the DentalSave plan and I have saved a lot of money with him too. Thank you very much for the plan.

–Syd S.


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