“As a Result Of Our Membership with DentalSave, I Now Am Able To Continue Seeing My Dentist.” –Rachel P. MD

I love my dentist however when I lost my dental insurance, it seemed that all hopes of continuing my care were non-existent.  I have been seeing the same dentist since I was a child, by my parents in Long Island.  You can imagine my disappointment when I lost my insurance and was unable to continue with my dentist, the same dentist who had my records through the years (my life story, so to speak.) As a physician myself, I know the importance of continuing with the same health care professional who gets to know you, your health, and in many cases your family, through the years.

DentalSave to the rescue.  As a result of our membership with DentalSave, I now am able to continue seeing my dentist.  I already have plans to have my 2 year old daughter start seeing our dentist too.  Thanks DentalSave for continuing our family tradition.

–Rachel P. MD

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“I Was Surprised That I Could Save So Much At The Dentist!” –Susan M.

I was so surprised that I could save so much at the dentist! I recently had to have a lot of work done and the bill was something I could afford, thanks to DentalSave.
I didn’t even know there were other benefits! I will be sure to use them for my prescriptions and eye care. Thanks DentalSave, I recommend you to everyone I know.

–Susan M.

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“DentalSave Definitely Made It Affordable For Me To Have My Teeth Checked” –Amalia C.

I am a working class citizen in an area where we are surrounded with multimillion dollar homes. Prices on clothing, food, medical, dental and housing is so high that the money you work for is just not enough. Most of the time you need have 2 or 3 jobs to be able to live here and pay your bills. DentalSave definitely made it affordable for me to have my teeth checked and do restorative work that I consider affordable for people like me that live in this area.  I have recommended it to a lot of my friends so they can enjoy the same treatment.

In the place where I work, we use a lot of drilling which impaired my hearing. I have inquired about the hearing device that I will need in the very near future. The doctor that I went to in your plan was very helpful and knowledgeable.  When I have enough money saved, I will definetly see him again and purchase what I need so I can hear better.

Thank you so much for having your program available to people like us

–Amalia C.

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“The Bill Went From $260 to $130… I was shocked!” –Maritza R.

I was positively surprised to have saved money so easily. I went to my regular dentist as I usually do and when it was time to pay the bill, I reached into my wallet and asked, “do you take this discount” and they said yes.  This was actually my second saving.  The bill went from $260 to $130… I was shocked!  My first save was when I went to the orthodontist and saved 25% off of the entire bill for my son’s braces…  Thank you.

–Maritza R.

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“DentalSave Is The Best Viable Option Especially In This Economy.” –Matthew I.

I was in need of a crown and an extraction and had no dental coverage so DentalSave was a really good option for me. I saved a sizable amount of money for the oral surgeon and their is no way I would have been able to afford this out of pocket. DentalSave is the best viable option especially in this economy. You want to find the best dental service without overpaying. I highly recommend DentalSave.

–Matthew I.

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“Before DentalSave I Was Spending So Much Money On Dental Bills” –Darnell G.

Before DentalSave I was spending so much money on dental bills.  Every visit turned into another visit. No more than one procedure can be done at a time.  With DentalSave, I was able to use the extra money to pay for my son’s education and not take out another loan.  I was able to find a dentist close to home and the job. Even the medication was a savings. Complaints were easily handled. It was a pleasure to be part of DentalSave.

–Darnell G.

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“I Virtually Tripled My Money With My First Use of DentalSave” –Bill C.

If someone approached me on the street and offered to triple my money with next to no effort on my part, I would figure he was either a scam artist or someone from Candid Camera. But I did virtually triple my money with my first use of the DentalSave program.

In 2010 I had a dental implant done by oral surgeon Dr. Peter Pruden in Huntington, New York. He did an excellent, pain free job and charged me $2100, which I considered to be well worth it for his expertise and care. Shortly after that visit, my general dentist, Steven Hinkis, also of Huntington, told me of the DentalSave program. When I examined it and realized the value it offered, I immediately signed up for it at the annual senior-rate of $145 for my wife and me.

Lo and behold, a few months later I needed another dental implant. Same oral surgeon. Same expertise and care. The only difference? The fee with DentalSave: $1680, a savings of $420 on an “investment” of $145. Nearly a triple! And that was only the beginning of the savings.

Since then my wife and I have used the program extensively for dental care with several of the dentists in the plan, and have even taken advantage of other savings it offers, such as with vision care and prescription discounts.

DentalSave is as close to a no-brainer “investment” as I’ve ever made. We wouldn’t be without it!

–Mary and Bill C.

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